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Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Releases Systematic Report on Sarrell Dental

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, along with ICF International, recently released a report titled Systematic Screening and Assessment of Workforce Innovations in the Provision of Preventive Oral Health Services. This report details the findings from an exhaustive assessment, interviews, and site visitation. According to the highly positive report,

With health care reform, practitioners and academics are trying to identify cost-effective ways to deliver oral health care to the anticipated surge of children who will now be eligible for services through Medicaid or CHIP. Sarrell Dental holds great promise as a cost-effective model for meeting the needs of this very vulnerable population. This program demonstrates the success and utility of recruiting and utilizing local, culturally competent staff to work with the program. The familiarity with local conditions and sensitivity to local concerns, along with significant relationship-building and outreach, has allowed the program to achieve successful collaborations with the State university system, elementary schools, Head Starts, and families, as well as civic groups and elected officials.

To read the full report, please follow the link below.

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