ALL Kids is a low-cost health care coverage program for children under age of 19 years. Benefits include regular checkups and immunizations, sick child doctor visits, prescriptions, vision and dental care, hospitalization, mental health and substance abuse services, and much more.

  • ALL Kids is administered by the Alabama Department of Public Health and provides low-cost healthcare coverage for children and teens under age of 19 years, who live in Alabama
  • For Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

Benefits of ALL Kids Health Care Program

  • ALL Kids uses Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama (BCBSAL) to provide services through their preferred provider network. If your child is approved, coverage will begin on the first day of the month after the application is received.
  • Benefits include:
    • 12 months continuous coverage
    • Doctor visits, including check-ups
    • Mental health/substance abuse services
    • Hospital and physician care
    • Immunizations
    • Prescriptions
    • Dental and vision care
    • Emergency services

Does Your Child Qualify for the All Kids Health Care Program?

  • Under the age of 19 years
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or an eligible immigrant
  • Not covered by other insurance
  • Not a resident in an institution
  • Not covered by or eligible for Medicaid

Income Eligibility for All Kids Health Care Program

  • Income eligibility determination can only be made when a complete application is received by ALL Kids. Please note, even if your income falls outside of the below guidelines, you may still be eligible for coverage - the only way to know for sure is to apply.

2020 ALL Kids Monthly Income Guidelines - Effective 2/1/2020

Family Size Medicaid ALL Kids Low Fee ALL Kids Fee
1 0 - $1553 $1554-$1659 $1660-$3371
2 0 - $2098 $2099-$2242 $2243-$4555
3 0 - $2643 $2644-$2824 $2825-$5738
4 0 - $3188 $3189-$3406 $3407-$6922
5 0 - $3733 $3734-$3989 $3990-$8105
6 0 - $4278 $4279-$4571 $4572-$9289
7 0 - $4823 $4824-$5154 $5155-$10,472
8 0 - $5368 $5369-$5736 $5737-$11,656
Each additional person $546 $583 $777

How to Apply for the ALL Kids Health Care Program, click here for more details. 

About ALL Kids Health Care Coverage

  • As soon as your child is enrolled in ALL Kids, you will then choose a doctor and dentist.
    • Call them to make your child an appointment for a check-up visit. Don't put this off! These check-up visits will allow small health and dental problems to be caught early, preventing them from becoming serious problems later.
  • When your child needs medical and dental care, you must use a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama (BCBSAL) Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) provider.
    • The PPO network is a group of doctors, dentists, pharmacies, hospitals and outpatient facilities enrolled as BCBSAL providers to offer services to ALL Kids enrollees at special, prearranged rates. There is no deductible when you use a PPO provider. Some services may require a small copay.
      • A copay is a small fee you may have to pay up front when your child sees the providers. If your child is in the Low Fee group or the Fee group, some services may require a copay. Your copays are determined by the ALL Kids fee group your child is in. There are no copays for preventive services like regular check-ups, immunizations, dental cleanings and vision exams.
    • You can choose any doctor who is enrolled as a BCBSAL PPO provider. To find a preferred provider in Alabama, you can look in your ALL Kids Preferred Provider Directory, call the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama dedicated customer service number, 1.800.760.6851, or visit Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama.

For more information about ALL Kids Health Care Coverage, click here