What is Preventistry

It’s more than preventive services. 

Preventistry is a culture of oral health care that empowers the patient and care team to work together to create a personalized oral health plan that not only improves overall health, but is achievable within a patient’s lifestyle and personal needs. Oral health may be our specialty, but full-body health from heart to mind is our focus. 


So what is Preventistry anyway?

Dental care that is easy to ACCESS.

Answered phones, in-house referrals, community events, billing and insurance assistance, and other creative solutions and technology are just some of the ways we are actively working to provide affordable care and access to dental professionals that is easy for everyone to get to.

PARTNERSHIP between the dental team and the patient. 

Respect, compassion, compromise, and transparency are all elements needed for a successful partnership. We strive to create meaningful interactions and keep an ongoing relationship with our patients. Anyone can feel comfortable and confident coming to us as an ally with the smallest question or largest concern regarding their oral health. 


QUALITY CARE measured through healthy outcomes. 

Quality care is both objective and subjective. It is both measurable healthy outcomes and positive patient experiences. It is celebrating the small wins, like being cavity-free, or overcoming dental anxiety and making it in for a cleaning. Through quality care, our teams are changing the way people think about and approach oral health for the better.